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Tonya Aiossa

Upgrade Your Systems with Tonya Aiossa

Last time Tonya presented at Bay Area Mastermind, she shared her knowledge on developing and utilizing systems to clear your schedule for working on your business rather than in your business. This December, Tonya is back to show you the system upgrades she’s executed at Asandia in the last two years to get more consistent […]

Brad Weimert

Reducing Risk While Raising Revenue with Brad Weimert

Join us on August 15th as we hear from Brad Weimert, Founder of Easy Pay Direct. Many online businesses are aware of the headaches that go hand-in-hand with accepting payments online, with chargebacks being one of the chief culprits. Friend Fraud accounted for $11.8 billion in 2012 (More than 4x the $2.7 billion lost to identity […]

Membership Has It’s Benefits

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” introduced many of us to the concept of a “Master Mind” but being the voracious readers, implementers, experimenters, and lifelong learners that we are in the Bay Area Mastermind… we are constantly digging deeper, growing, and sharing the best of the best in our closed door Mastermind meetings… What’s […]

Lucy Wurtz - Village Enterprise

Lessons from Village Enterprise with Lucy Wurtz

Join us on January 17th as we hear from Lucy Wurtz, Director of Development and Marketing at Village Enterprise. You’re probably aware of the challenges of starting a business in the Bay Area and United States; lead generation, managing teams, work-life balance, etc… But there are a whole host of issues facing many of the entrepreneurs around […]

Tonya Aiossa

Utilizing Systems with Tonya Aiossa

You’ve heard it many times before… You’ve probably even said it yourself. “I’d be doing so much more for my business…if only I had more time.” Tonya Aiossa will be joining us for December’s Bay Area Mastermind meeting to talk about how utilizing systems in your business can help you find the time to do […]

David Mostny

Developing Business Credit with David Mostny

Suppose you could secure capital for your business – even your start-up – without having to personally guarantee the line of credit or loan? How powerful of an advantage would this be for you and your business? Business credit is a critical benefit that shifts responsibility and liability to the corporation protecting one’s personal assets effectively […]

Daven Michaels, 123Employee

Virtual Assistant (VA) Outsourcing with Daven Michaels

What if you could free up your time to focus on what needs your attention most and have a “virtual assistant” handle the rest? Imagine your assistant expertly handling your Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Linkedin, Research, Telemarketing, Customer Support/Service, and much more… Join us as we welcome special guest speaker Daven Michaels, CEO of 123Employee and New York Times Best […]

PMWood PortraitPix1

Building Your Brand Through Storytelling with Paul Wood

In Marketing 101 you are told to tell a story to create your brand. The story creates the visual “why” and puts meaning behind your product. It worked for Disney right? This technique is so successful because is applies to everyone! Everyone can relate to an effective story and more importantly remember that story and […]

Lance Shuldberg HeadShot

Make Your Customers Stick with Lance Shuldberg

You worked hard and spent time, effort, and money to acquire each prospect and customer.  The key is making them stick with top notch customer engagement.  Have you made the shift from transactional and mass marketing, to personalized and meaningful individualized engagement? This is about connecting with customers over time in a multi-channel method that […]