What is a Mastermind?

“When two minds meet there is the creation of a third greater one!” – Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow RichThe “Mastermind Concept” is widely credited to Napoleon Hill, author of the all time bestselling success book Think And Grow Rich. This book chronicled the common ideas and success strategies of several hundred great achievers of Hill’s time which included Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison.

Hill discovered that Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison had created their own formal mastermind alliance. They found a strategic advantage in meeting regularly to discuss their business concepts and brainstorm new ideas for recreating the marketplace.

Each of these men enunciated to Hill their belief that putting together their three minds in harmonious, progressive thought multiplied their power exponentially. Hill subsequently found the same principle at work in other mastermind alliances.

Another place you will find the mastermind concept at work is within the Disney Corporation. At Disney, there are teams of “Imagineers” that collaborate on new projects, solve problems, and brainstorm for new opportunities. Disney’s philosophy of working together has been a major factor why they are one of the strongest and most profitable companies in the world.

You can expect to receive the same benefits from the Bay Area Mastermind group. Aside from the exclusive materials you will receive, you will also be exposed to some of the state-of-the-art business ideas that are being implemented by Fortune 50 companies around the world. We then take these ideas and as a group discuss how they can be implemented in each participant’s unique business.

A Bay Area Mastermind Meeting

Who Should Belong?

  • Business Owners of all kinds
  • Retail and Restaurant owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Information Marketers
  • Professional Practices – Attorneys, Dentist, Chiropractors, Physicians, Psychologist, Therapists, Accountants,etc
  • Consultants and Business Coaches

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