At the Bay Area Mastermind, we believe in entrepreneurship making a long lasting impact in the world.

We facilitate this Impact in three meaningful and measurable ways.

Financial Capital

Village EnterpriseFirst, we give our financial capital. We do this through strategic giving to selected non-profits that have both been vetted and have a proven track record of eliminating extreme poverty through entrepreneurship.

Currently, we are supporting Village Enterprises that since 1987 has helped to bring over 940,000 sub-saharan Africans out of extreme poverty through sustainable entrepreneurship. They’ve done this by helping to launch 43,000 new businesses with 169,000 business owners. Even more impressive, three quarters of the businesses started by participants in their program are still operating 4 years after founding.

Social Capital

Second, we give of our social capital through our Intern Rotation Program. Budding entrepreneurs studying at our local schools can apply throughout the year to our Intern Rotation Program to gain experience, mentorship, and real life businesses connections with local entrepreneurs.

What better way to get started in business than by working in a variety of local business directly with local business owners and entrepreneurs? Interns also have the opportunity to attend our Mastermind meetings and present on their projects.

Intellectual Capital

Our Mastermind University Grants allow selected entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to access our Members Only vault of guest expert presentations, videos, talks, and resources.

While the live presentations are usually for Mastermind Members Only, not everyone is at the right stage in a new business to qualify yet for the Bay Area Mastermind, and we believe that this content can help the right entrepreneurs learn, build, and grow.

For most, this comes in the form of enrolling in our Mastermind University where students can access this invaluable vault. For others, however, a Mastermind University Grant may be in order. On a case by case basis, we provide grants and access to cause based entrepreneurs who apply for and are approved for access.

Getting Involved

There are many ways you can get involved and help us to make an even bigger impact in the world.

We encourage you to give generously to causes like Village Enterprise above.

We invite you to apply for our Intern Rotation Program if you’re a student entrepreneur in training.

We extend to you the opportunity for a Mastermind University Grant.

We welcome you to apply for a Bay Area Mastermind test-drive if you think membership might be a good fit.