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From time to time we invite guest speakers to join us at our Mastermind Meetings and speak on expert topics. Here is a selection of some of our expert presentations.

Simple Social Media with Jorge Diaz

Simple Social Media Strategy with Jorge Diaz

A social media strategy can be a boon for business, but a burden for the businessperson.  Jorge Diaz, owner of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, has systemized a simple, successful social media and email marketing strategy to not only help you get the message out but to do it in a way that keeps you in […]

The Content Strategy Game Plan with Byron White

For most of us, developing content strategy is a necessary but arduous process at the cross-roads of art and science. That’s where the CEO of WriterAccess and Chair of the Content Marketing Conference, Byron White, comes in. Join us for Byron’s presentation on the fast track to creating 3 pre-defined content products found in his […]

Relationship Marketing with Chandler Walker

The 10 Laws of Relationship Marketing with Chandler Walker

Relationship Marketing Maestro, Chandler Walker, will be joining us January 16th, 2018, to share how to build long-term, sustainable, customer-centric marketing efforts in your business using his 10 Laws of Relationship Marketing. Are you ready for some traction on your social media strategies? Chandler learned an important lesson in work ethic from his father between […]

Get New Customers using Google AdWords with Garth Davidson

Google AdWords Specialist, Garth Davidson, will be joining us November 14, 2017, to share an insider’s perspective on leveraging the AdWords platform to generate a consistent stream of high-quality leads and customers. If you’re looking for a reliable way to grow your business online, this exclusive presentation will prove indispensable. Here are just a few […]

Facebook Lead Ads with Mitch Wilder of Zenfusion

Facebook Ad Master, Mitch Wilder, will be presenting on Facebook Lead Ads at the Bay Area Mastermind on October 17th. You already know your customers are on Facebook, and that ads are the way to reach them. The question is… how to move them through your sales process quickly and easily using ads. And that’s […]

Lukas Reshaske

Copywriting with The Copywriter Millionaires Recommend, Lukas Resheske

Top Copywriter & Copywriting Mentor, Lukas Resheske, will be joining us live and in person at the Mastermind on September 19th. “A WANNABE Copywriter Imitates… But A True PROFESSIONAL Understands.” There is a reason why students from all over the world and clients who own 8 figure businesses come to Lukas. Known as The Copywriter […]

Brad Weimert

Reducing Risk While Raising Revenue with Brad Weimert

Join us on August 15th as we hear from Brad Weimert, Founder of Easy Pay Direct. Many online businesses are aware of the headaches that go hand-in-hand with accepting payments online, with chargebacks being one of the chief culprits. Friend Fraud accounted for $11.8 billion in 2012 (More than 4x the $2.7 billion lost to identity […]

Lucy Wurtz - Village Enterprise

Lessons from Village Enterprise with Lucy Wurtz

Join us on January 17th as we hear from Lucy Wurtz, Director of Development and Marketing at Village Enterprise. You’re probably aware of the challenges of starting a business in the Bay Area and United States; lead generation, managing teams, work-life balance, etc… But there are a whole host of issues facing many of the entrepreneurs around […]

Tonya Aiossa

Utilizing Systems with Tonya Aiossa

You’ve heard it many times before… You’ve probably even said it yourself. “I’d be doing so much more for my business…if only I had more time.” Tonya Aiossa will be joining us for December’s Bay Area Mastermind meeting to talk about how utilizing systems in your business can help you find the time to do […]