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Experiments, Split Tests, And Kaizen

“A Split Test a Day Keeps the Competition at Bay” – DC At Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar many years back, a friend and client shared “A Split Test a Day Keeps the Competition at Bay” and it’s always stuck with me. So often what you’re finding works in your business now will be followed by others and […]


Dashboards, KPIs, and Metrics with Dave Lavinsky

What if you could get ALL of your metrics in one place? And what if your metrics were automatically updated, in real time, so you saved hours of grunt work? If you want to double your profits, you need the right numbers at your fingertips. As Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you […]


The 2015 Bay Area Mastermind Economic Review

As we begin the new year, we are sensing great positive momentum on the economic front. Unemployment is down, oil prices are down, and consumer sentiment is up. Nonetheless, questions abound as to what these numbers really mean. Where will all this economic activity take us in the coming year? Most importantly, what are the opportunities […]

Don’t Destroy Your New Business!: 5 Crucial Mistakes Not To Make

Starting a business can hold within it excitement and possibilities. Often when an entrepreneur first formulates a business idea there’s usually a sense of passion and the belief that the business will grow linearly. The truth is that rarely, if ever, does a business look the same way at its start than what it matures […]

How to Profit From Extreme Segmentation in Your Business

One of the things all businesses need to do is be able to segment their customer base in order to maximize the profit potential of that customer base. By segmenting the customer base a business can better meet the buying needs of a specific group of customers and provide better offers to meet those needs. […]

The Power of Having Organizational Clarity to Maximize Profits

Essential for any organization to posses is extreme clarity regrading what business they’re in. The answer to this goes beyond what they actually do and instead reaches into the heart of both the breadth and depth of the purpose of the organization. By having a clear definition of what business you are in, then all aspects […]