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How To Develop a Luxury Product or Service for Your Business

We love luxury. Right? Part of us wants that high end item to up our social status or to seem special. And the stats seem to back that up. Market research demonstrates that in most businesses 20% of the customer base wants the opportunity to buy a luxury product/service. With this is the allure of […]

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11 Sources of Information to Keep You Up to Date

Having the ability to stay on top of business innovation and the news that matters is a daunting task for anyone these days. We are all constantly scrambling with the various aspects of our busy life within an ever changing environment. Then of course, we all have to contend with the abundance of information that is available. Knowing which sources […]

Steve Little

Exit Strategies with Steve Little

“Begin with the end in mind” – Stephen Covey There are only three directions you and your business can go: Your business dies; You die; You sell the business. Of the three options, selling your business can be one of the most profitable and rewarding options, but knowing how – and when – to exit […]

How To Price Your Services and Products in A Weak Economy

By Robert Estupinian Last week J.C. Penny announced it would be changing the way that it will price its merchandise. No longer will the company be offering sale prices. Instead the retailer will be slashing all prices by 40% and keeping them there. Previously, the company would hold hundreds of sales every year, and their […]