Reducing Risk While Raising Revenue with Brad Weimert

Join us on August 15th as we hear from Brad Weimert, Founder of Easy Pay Direct.

Many online businesses are aware of the headaches that go hand-in-hand with accepting payments online, with chargebacks being one of the chief culprits. Friend Fraud accounted for $11.8 billion in 2012 (More than 4x the $2.7 billion lost to identity fraud) and has grown 41% annually since.

With the mounting costs of doing business, many entrepreneurs cannot afford to shoulder the burden of this fraud but are not aware of the available options to combat it.

Brad WeimertWith more than three decades of combined processing experience, Easy Pay Direct has been assisting online businesses resolve these issues without sacrificing their bottom line.

Brad Weimert, CEO of Easy Pay Direct, will be speaking about tools for businesses that will:

  • Reduce the number chargebacks they are receiving
  • Lower the perception of risk present during underwriting
  • Minimize ongoing costs associated with fraudulent disputes
  • Recapture revenue that would have been lost due to unnecessary declines

With these tried-and-tested strategies, business owners can realize a 40% reduction in their chargeback figures and recapture up to 8% of their declined transactions.

More About Brad

Equal parts entrepreneur and adventurer, Brad is just as likely to be taking a group of entrepreneurs on an adventure trip than he is to be building a company or giving a keynote. Founder of Easy Pay Direct; one of the foremost High Volume merchant account providers in the world.  Adventurist; Leading 8 Figure Entrepreneurs on the experience of a lifetime.

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