Building a Successful Business System Framework with Frank Curtin

What is a “Business System“? At the highest level, it’s the collection of your people, processes and technologies and how they work together to create an “end product” along with the rules that govern how that work happens. Ultimately, it directs how work gets done in your business!

When built right, in most cases, it should NOT require you!

Guest expert Frank Curtin began working with his father, a professional financial and tax consultant, at the age of 10. Frank was doing tax returns at the early age of 12 and was involved with financial modeling of businesses since he was 17. Frank has worked as a project manager for environmental consulting firms, a supply chain strategy consultant for IBM Global Services (5 years of business process transformation), and now helps small businesses, speakers, authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, andsolopreneurs with their business strategies, business process modeling and re-engineering, business requirements, as well as full implementation services.

Frank earned his Master of Business Administration from The Ohio State University, his Graduate Certificate in Administration and Management from Harvard University, and his Bachelor of Science from Kent State University.frank5

Utilizing his 30+ years of business experience, Frank is pleased to offer the benefit of his knowledge in an easy to understand format for any entity desiring better outcomes, higher margins, or complete turnarounds. Frank’s aptitude for solving problems is always at work. His joy in life comes from assisting others to gain control over their lives so that they may have a balance of health, wealth and happiness. After all, it’s the small businesses that will enable America to restore herself to prosperity once again.

At our Mastermind meeting, Frank will be sharing:

  • What are business systems and why do we need them? Define them and then go into understanding the core requirements of any business is crucial baseline (the success framework image below is broken down)
  • What is a common challenge for businesses? Clearing the way for hyper growth – offerings: Focus on stars, bury the dogs, milk the cash cows, eliminate distractions
  • What do businesses do in general for business systems? A business operates one of four types of business systems: conversation, cliff note, book, and movie
  • How do you document business processes? Plan, Build, Implement, Improve (its never good to create a process the way you wish it would be until you first created it as it is today)
  • How do you know you are done with a process or series of processes? Documentation checklist

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