Developing Business Credit with David Mostny

Suppose you could secure capital for your business – even your start-up – without having to personally guarantee the line of credit or loan?

How powerful of an advantage would this be for you and your business?

Business credit is a critical benefit that shifts responsibility and liability to the corporation protecting one’s personal assets effectively doubling the current credit being extended to you.

David Mostny, founder of Credit Masters Corporation.

Join us for a sit-down with Bay Area Mastermind member David Mostny, the founder of Credit Masters Corporation, to discover the credit-building steps you need to know to move your business forward.

As David says: “We cut the fog that most banks put between borrower and lender.”

David will be sharing with us “What the banks will never tell you” including:

  • How to build business credit and credibility.
  • How to get approved for funding.
  • How to access your current business credit status and accuracy as is being reported.
  • How to get approved for business credit.
  • How to build your business credit from $50,000 to 5 million or more.
  • How to secure even more funding for your business, without having to put up your heart and lungs as collateral.

David Mostny, President of Credit Masters Corp is a seasoned financial strategist with expertise obtaining and development of business credit and financing without a personal guarantee. Known as a problem solver David has transformed thousands of businesses often exceeding client’s expectations.

As a cofounding member of the San Francisco Global Trade Council, with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, David co-led a delegation of California business leaders (E & J Gallo, Gap, Bank of America, McKesson, Levi Strauss, Bechtel, Ernst & Young, Chevron) to Eastern and Central Europe providing expertise in Market Entry Distribution channels and engineering financial mechanisms to secure hard currency payments.

Thunderbird American Graduate School of International Management invited David to their campus several times to speak at their Countertrade/OffSet Program Seminar to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies through the lens of a practitioner.

David also lent his experiences/expertise in the Apple University/Apple Inc. Workshop in Non-Conventional Strategies for Countertrade and Offset Trade.

David is passionate about business financing, enjoys speaking and sharing his vast knowledge base in negotiating with financial institutions by educating business leaders nationwide.

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