Copywriting with The Copywriter Millionaires Recommend, Lukas Resheske

Top Copywriter & Copywriting Mentor, Lukas Resheske, will be joining us live and in person at the Mastermind on September 19th.

“A WANNABE Copywriter Imitates… But A True PROFESSIONAL Understands.”

There is a reason why students from all over the world and clients who own 8 figure businesses come to Lukas.

Known as The Copywriter Millionaires Recommend, Lukas is able to take complex marketing problems and turn them into simple, elegant solutions practically overnight.

He’s made millions for his clients on product launches, cold traffic campaigns, and Kickstarters. His copy still holds the control in several markets, and clients continuously come back to him to launch their new projects.

His copywriting programs have almost 100 graduates, each of which has found work as a successful freelance or in-house copywriter for some the world’s best companies.

Lukas Reshaske

Top Copywriter & Copywriting Mentor, Lukas Resheske, will be sharing with us:

  • How To Find And Hire A Kickass Copywriter (That Earns You Money, Instead Of Costing You Money)
  • The 3 Most Lucrative Campaigns To Hire A Copywriter For.
  • 13 Conversion Boosting Tweaks You Can Make To Your Landing Pages TODAY For Better Results

More About Lukas

Lukas doesn’t like writing in the third person. But he likes writing. As a professional direct response copywriter, Lukas has worked with over 120 clients, generating over $10M in revenue for his clients in the last 3 years alone. He is an expert at online sales and marketing campaigns, developing several multi-million dollar projects that are still being used today. His “Copywriting Mentorship Program”, an 8-12 week intensive program designed to teach the fundamentals of direct response copywriting, currently has 60 graduates. Dozens of students have gone on to get jobs at large publishers like Agora Financial, Mindvalley, and others.

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