Utilizing Systems with Tonya Aiossa

You’ve heard it many times before… You’ve probably even said it yourself.

“I’d be doing so much more for my business…if only I had more time.”

Tonya Aiossa will be joining us for December’s Bay Area Mastermind meeting to talk about how utilizing systems in your business can help you find the time to do more for your business.

How can you use systems to find more time?

Even owners and managers who agree that systems are the way to consistent results (think Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited and Gino Wickman’s Traction) can still end up struggling with having way too much to do.

When presented with this syndrome, Tonya checks for two typical cases:

1) the under-documented owner who wonders why no one on their team can do anything without having their hands held, or

2) the over-documented owner who wonders why no one on their team ever reads their 900-page tomes.

Both of these business owners suffer from the same problem; they’re micromanaging.

One is doing it by mouth and meeting, telling everyone what to do on the fly. The other is doing it with their fancy manuals, writing down everything that comes to mind. But neither can anticipate every variable of the scenarios that their team members will be faced with each day in operations.

This is why every time something comes up that doesn’t look exactly like what they said or wrote, it lands back on their desk as a problem they have to solve or a decision they have to make…themselves.

Tonya Aiossa

These problems and decisions are the time-suck that determine the upper limits of business success. Business owners can only solve so many problems and make so many decisions on a day-to-day basis, and yet problems must be solved and decisions must be made.

Without systemizing the processes of problem-solving and decision-making so they can be properly delegated to empowered and accountable team members, at a certain point there’s no room for business growth.

In this talk, Tonya will take you through the steps to reclaiming your entrepreneurial time, energy, and creativity through systemizing. She’ll cover:

  • Documenting The Right Systems The Right Way
    • Perhaps you know the “why,” but do you know the “who, what, where, when, and how” of systemizing your business?
  • Systemizing Decision-Making
    • The “governance” of systems, and how it can help you spend more time working ON, rather than IN, your business.
  • Systemizing Problem-Solving
    • The 5-step system everyone in your business should be using to keep the work off of your desk, and on the team member’s desk to which it belongs.

Join us on December 13th to learn how to get back to the entrepreneurial function in your business.

Tonya Aiossa is a Certified Level 7 Systems Implementation Specialist. She currently serves as the Chief Ringleader of Asandia, Corp., and she consults to help unstick and unbury business owners from maintenance work so they can focus on their creative pursuits instead.

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