Simple Social Media Strategy with Jorge Diaz

A social media strategy can be a boon for business, but a burden for the businessperson. Simple Social Media Strategy with Jorge Diaz

Jorge Diaz, owner of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, has systemized a simple, successful social media and email marketing strategy to not only help you get the message out but to do it in a way that keeps you in your audience’s mind as well as establishing you as an expert in your area.

Join us for Jorge’s presentation on his simple social media strategy that keeps overwhelm at bay.

In this Mastermind Members Only presentation, you’ll learn the steps develop a social media and email marketing strategy that works for you with content that is relevant to your audience!

In Jorge’s Simple Social Media Strategy presentation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use social media and email marketing to:
    1. Keep you top of mind with your prospects and customers
    2. Encourage others to refer business to you
    3. Establish you as a great resource in your area of expertise
  • Understand your audience to create content that is relevant to them
  • Publish the content in an effective way
  • Spread your content to appear like you are everywhere

About Jorge

Jorge Lazaro Diaz is the President of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, a Miami-based firm specializing in:

  • Memberium Membership Site Development
  • Infusionsoft Marketing Automation
  • Website Design and Development

Jorge and his team work to service the needs of entrepreneurial business owners wanting to take their expert knowledge online. That’s usually in the form of an online course or membership program.

Jorge has been working the Internet since 1998. He brings together software engineering talents with market research, online market savvy, sales and copywriting experience to design solutions that get business owners the results they need.

He has had a successful career in the technology space working most recently for Verizon Terremark and other companies such as Subway Restaurants Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Bank of America, KPMG Consulting, Compaq Computers and IBM.

Jorge holds a Master’s of Science degree from Purdue University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Florida International University.

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