Lessons from Village Enterprise with Lucy Wurtz

Join us on January 17th as we hear from Lucy Wurtz, Director of Development and Marketing at Village Enterprise.

You’re probably aware of the challenges of starting a business in the Bay Area and United States; lead generation, managing teams, work-life balance, etc…

But there are a whole host of issues facing many of the entrepreneurs around the world that we never have to face; like finding a safe place to put the money your business generates.
Lucy Wurtz - Village Enterprise

Village Enterprise takes this and other major obstacles to success into account as they mentor and foster entrepreneurs out of extreme poverty in East Africa.

Lucy will be telling us about Village Enterprise’s four-pronged model that works:

  • Initial training to prepare entrepreneurs
  • Micro-grants as seed funding
  • Ongoing mentoring of entrepreneurs
  • And the formation of small business savings groups

This model has been proven successful over and over since 1987, helping to start over 25,000 businesses, 75% of which remain in business after four years.

In this talk, Lucy will discuss what you can learn from this holistic approach to entrepreneurship, as well as how you can contribute to the efforts of Village Enterprise.

More About Lucy

Lucy’s dream is to infuse the African values of community, collective responsibility, humor and perspective, and the wisdom of elders into Silicon Valley culture. When not at work, Lucy is reading novels and history, hiking in the hills, or hanging out with family and friends.

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