Get New Customers using Google AdWords with Garth Davidson

Garth Davidson on Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords Specialist, Garth Davidson, will be joining us November 14, 2017, to share an insider’s perspective on leveraging the AdWords platform to generate a consistent stream of high-quality leads and customers.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to grow your business online, this exclusive presentation will prove indispensable.

Here are just a few of the insights Garth will be sharing with BAM members:

  • 3 indisputable truths that make AdWords the world’s most powerful online advertising platform
  • 2 factors, besides mastering the platform, that are essential to your long-term success
  • AdWords’ most mysterious metric and how you can use it to outsmart, rather than outspend, your competition
  • 3 elements of a conversion-focused landing page that your prospects – and Google – will love
  • 1 simple strategy you can’t afford to ignore when optimizing your campaigns for profit

More About Garth

Certified Digital Marketing ProfessionalAs co-owner and operator of CoCreative Digital Marketing, a boutique digital agency, Garth Davidson is focused on helping high-quality businesses grow by acquiring new customers online. Garth believes that good marketing reflects on your bottom line, or it just ain’t good marketing. His clients routinely enjoy three or more dollars of new revenue for every dollar of ad-spend invested. In addition to being a Certified Google AdWords Specialist, Garth has received extensive training from Ryan Deiss and DigitalMarketer, achieving the highly coveted, yet rarely bestowed, status of Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

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