The 10 Laws of Relationship Marketing with Chandler Walker

Chandler WalkerRelationship Marketing Maestro, Chandler Walker, will be joining us January 16th, 2018, to share how to build long-term, sustainable, customer-centric marketing efforts in your business using his 10 Laws of Relationship Marketing.

Are you ready for some traction on your social media strategies?

Chandler learned an important lesson in work ethic from his father between the ages of 10 and 14 when he was tasked with accompanying his father on business calls to learn all about the hustle.

Fortunately, Chandler didn’t miss the point, and has learned a bit about what stick-to-it-iveness can do and deriving his Chandler’s 10 Laws of Relationship Marketing.

Having honed his skills as a marketer specializing in social channels as the CMO of MadLab Business Group and co-founder of Out of the Cave Media, Chandler is ready to bring his wisdom to the Bay Area Mastermind, covering topics including:

  1. How to attract the right audience for your business and capitalize on long-term relationships for sustainable growth.
  2. Using consistency and a Culture of Caring to develop trust and leverage your strengths so you rise above trends and fads.
  3. Having fun and making people laugh so you love the work, and they love your message.

More About Chandler

When he’s not building his empire, Chandler is busy exploring the world and the cultures and societies within it. He’s obsessed with relationship-building in all areas of his life. He’s also been known to pick food stores for dinner, rather than restaurants, paying attention to the role nutrition plays in maintaining his healthy and active lifestyle.

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