Appointment Setting by Phone with Bill Reis

Sales is a contact sport. It takes contact to make sales.

When filling rooms for events, setting appointments, or following up with prospects, dialing by phone will dramatically increase your show rates, appointments, and follow up sales, but that requires someone to pick up the phone.

You can dial on your own, build an inside sales team, or work smarter and have a dedicated outsourced team handle the dialing for you.

Whichever option you go with, so long as someone picks up the phone, calls the qualified contact, and executes a tested script, you’ll get more prospects to your event, get more appointments and see increased sales.

Having the right script, knowing how to dial, when to dial, and putting the right plan in place, though, make the difference between a successful campaign and a waste of precious time and money. Our guest expert speaker at the January, 2014 Bay Area Mastermind meeting just happens to know a thing or two about “doing it right.”

Bill Reiss of Walking Fingers TelemarketingBill Reis of Walking Fingers Telemarketing has been “dialing for dollars” for decades and his team of appointment setters know how to dial, set appointments and “get butts in seats.”

After starting as a commission based financial planner for IDS/American Express, Bill rose to #5 in the country out of 4,500 reps in the US, sold his shares of the business, took a position in a brokerage house, and at last left the corporate world behind for good starting Walking Fingers Telemarketing in 2000.

Bill’s team of account reps handle outbound telemarketing appointment setting, event registration, and sales for clients in spaces such as education, financial planning, coaching, internet/information marketing, and more.

At our Mastermind meeting, Bill will be sharing:

  • The optimal time window to dial when filling events
  • What makes an event easy to fill – and what will result in disaster
  • How to win in each of the 3 critical parts of a call
  • Bill’s personal “Guru” for dialing (required reading for his entire team!)
  • How to put “butts in seats” for your events and presentations

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